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SUP Yoga

ANYONE can do SUP Yoga, it’s up to you to feel out your level of comfort.

The art of practicing Yoga on a SUP board offers a greater challenge of balance and awareness than your normal Yoga session. You will ebb & flow on high quality state of the art SUP yoga boards, balancing yin & yang, sun & moon, finding your natural rhythm within the fluctuations and cycles of the natural world. SUP Yoga can be easy stretching and breathing or a vigorous challenging vinyasa (flow). Occasionally, you’ll go into “Fallasana” pose or “falling off the board into the water” pose – and that’s awesome! Falling teaches us humility, persistence, to face our fears and to have a good time and laugh. For this class, your certified yoga instructor will shuttle you 2 miles to Warner Lake. Warner Lake is a small, non-motorized lake surrounded by park and is scenic, calm, and full of wildlife. The park's thick, surrounding woods and foliage keep the clean, clear water smooth throughout the year, providing a perfect location for doing SUP Yoga. Price includes two way shuttle, board, paddle, life jacket, and certified yoga instructor. (max class size = 7 participants)

  • 1.25 hr Class: $39/person
  • Purchase 3 classes: $97
  • Purchase 5 classes: $128

Classes are held by reservation only (call or email).

After arriving to CW Outfitting at your arrival time, we will outfit the group with equipment, go over some paper work, and shuttle you 2 miles to Warner Lake to get you on the water. The group then has the allotted class time to enjoy being on the water.

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