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Equipment Rental

Looking for equipment to take to another location? We have you covered. From SUP's for a week at the cabin to camping gear and trailers, we have the quality gear you need for your next paddling adventure.

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Canoes, Kayaks, & SUP boards:

We have a wide variety of canoes, kayaks, fishing kayaks and SUP boards available for rent and pickup. Rental includes boat or board, life jacket, paddle, and car top carry kit if needed. No shuttling... you pick-up and take them wherever you want.

  • Canoe General Use tandem: $35/day - $175/week
  • Canoe Kevlar tandem & carbon paddles: $40/day - $200/week 
  • Canoe Kevlar solo & carbon paddle: $40/day - $200/week  **Please call for availability. Online reservation not available**
  • Kayak Recreational solo/tandem: $35/day - $175/week
  • Kayak Fishing solo: $40/day - $200/week
  • Kayak Performance solo: $40/day - $200/week  **Please call for availability. Online reservation not available**
  • SUP board Inflatable: $35/day - $175/week
  • SUP board Epoxy: $40/day $200/week

Trailers: ** Please call or email ahead of time to reserve trailers. Trailers require proof of insurance. **

We have a few high quality, outfitter tested trailers for canoe/kayak camping or just about any other gear/equipment hauling you may need. They each have a large storage bin and our small Space Trailer is so light it can be hauled behind just about any automobile. The Space Trailer works great for any family vacation no matter what gear and equipment you are hauling.

  • Two place Space trailer: $75/day - $185/week
  • Six place trailer: $75/day - $185/week
  • 10 place trailer: $75/day - $185/week

Camping Equipment:  ** Please call or email ahead of time to reserve camping equipment. **

We have a variety of high quality, outfitter tested, camping gear for canoe and kayak camping trips.

  • Packs - #3 (22x23x5), #4 (28x24x7), or food pack (15x19x11 with cardboard liner): $4/day - $13/week
  • Small Tent - 1-3 people: $11/day - $36/week
  • Medium Tent - 4-6 people: $13/day - $43/week
  • Large Tent - 6+ people: $15/day - $49/week
  • Stove and Fuel: $6/day - $20/week
  • Cook Kit: $3/day - $10/week
  • Sleeping Bag: $5/day - $17/week
  • Sleeping Mat: $5/day - $17/week
  • Military style cot: $5/day - $17/week

Other Equipment:  ** Call or email ahead of time to reserve & see what other equipment is available. **

  • Canoe anchor w/float: $3/day - $10/week
  • Canoe cushioned seat back: $5/day - $17/week
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