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We fulfill orders first come first serve. If we run out of stock before filling your order, we will contact you ASAP.

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or call: 320-558-8123
NOTE - We do not normally ship Over Sized Items like canoes, kayaks, hard SUP boards and full length gunwales.  For these items it is recommended to purchase for in store pickup. If you have questions about shipping over sized items to your home please call us at 320-558-8123 or send an email to
Used canoes, kayaks & SUP boards purchased on line have a satisfaction guarantee.
Use this item to put a deposit down for the following;
  • Equipment rentals
  • Group Trip of 8 or more paddlers
  • Reserving a paddle craft that we have in inventory so that you can come in and inspect it before purchasing (deposit is refundable)
  • Order a new paddle craft
  • Booking an Event for your group or company outing
BEFORE putting deposit down, make sure to contact CW Outfitting to make sure the equipment and/or date is available!  Once confirmed, please fill in the notes section above with the following information;
 - If Equipment rental or Group Trip, need the Date and Time of arrival, what Type of water craft and How Many.
 - If Reserving or Ordering paddle craft, need to know what Make, Model and Color.
 - If Event, need to know Date, Time and brief description of event.

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