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Lotus AC80813025-14R


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Used Yoga SUP Board

Move past the work and worries of daily life and find enlightenment of the Lotus Yoga SUP. This board’s ground-breaking new shape is designed to provide a stable and balanced platform for all kinds of yoga enthusiasts.

The Pau Hana Lotus features the first ever full length interchangeable yoga pad on a stand up paddle board, as well as the Pau Hana Seamount system for attaching accessories to the board. Accessories available include Petal Bands, which utilize the Lotus’s multiple attachment points to join boards together making each board like the leaf of a lotus petal. Drink holders and various deck art are also available for this revolutionary board.
  • The Lotus also comes Nocqua-ready so you can easily attach Nocqua lights that will illuminate the water beneath you, and whether you are in a crystal-clear lake, marina, or swimming pool, you can set the mood for your SUP yoga session. Drift across the water and find yourself on a  Pau Hana Lotus Yoga board.
Length: 10'2"
Width: 32"
Thickness: 5"
Weight: Approx 31 lbs.

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