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Rock-solid stability with high capacity and good glide. The Boundary Waters offers a unique blend of excellent stability and easy paddling. Extra fullness throughout the middle gives this canoe extra capacity. The bow and stern height are kept low to catch less wind. Curved webbed seats keep you in the center, yet offer flexible seating.  Use it by yourself, with the family, or to take it through rough water with confidence. Fisherman, sportsmen, and families alike will appreciate its extra stability and surprising capacity for a 17 foot canoe. With this great capacity, this canoe will be well suited for an afternoon paddle, or a two week trip.

COMES STANDARD WITH: Silver Trim, Hung Ash Web Contour Seats, Ash Yoke.  For other upgrades, contact Clear Waters Outfitting when ordering.


  • Length 17' 0"
  • Gunwale Width 36.5"
  • Maximum Width 36.5"
  • Waterline Width 35"
  • Stern Depth 20"
  • Center Depth 14"
  • Bow Depth 20"
  • Rocker 1"

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