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Wenonah Argosy - USED IN STOCK


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Lightly Used, Factory Demo this 14'6" Solo canoe is made of Flex Core with Aramid, has silver trim and a Center Adjustable Web Seat.

The Argosy is made for solo exploration of rivers and streams, whether paddling the Missouri River at dawn or running the riffles and eddies of the Shenandoah. It's nimble enough to carry you through cross currents and over eddylines.

It has added depth and volume to handle rough water and even whitewater, and plenty of rocker in the keel for maneuverability. The Argosy's ability to lean predictably in tight turns builds in confidence. We recommend it to intermediate and advanced paddlers.


Length: 14' 6"

Gunwale Width: 27”

Maximum Width: 30.25"

Waterline Width: 27"

Stern Depth: 16"

Center Depth: 13.5"

Bow Depth: 18"

Rocker: 2.5"


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