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Wenonah Minnesota II Ultra Light - USED IN STOCK


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Lightly used Outfitter Edition with silver trim and bucket seats. Outfitter Edition has internal skid plates and added material in the hull and chine area. (adds about 4 lbs)

If you travel in Minnesota's BWCA, or Canada's Quetico Park, you'll see lots of these Jensen-designed canoes. You'll hear rave reviews, too, because the Minnesota II is widely acclaimed by the dedicated paddlers, professional guides, and park rangers of the lake country as the ideal canoe for long trips.

Since we make it to use where week-long outings are typical, we gave this canoe design high capacity and seaworthiness to hold two people with heavy gear and still cope well with lake waves.

Best of all -- and the reason the Minnesota II is so popular -- is that the canoe has unmatched performance when loaded. It travels great distances, at high speeds, with less effort than any other tandem performance canoe. We take the Minnesota II on our family canoe trips since nothing else has its combined efficiency, capacity, and lightness.

Canoe & Kayak Magazine noted, "Apart from superb final stability, the best feature is how it returns to course in waves."


Length: 18' 6"
Gunwale Width: 33.5"
Maximum Width: 35"
Waterline Width: 33.5"
Stern Depth: 17"
Center Depth: 13.5"
Bow Depth: 20.5"
Rocker: 0"

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