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C Paddle Kids Otter Tale


C Paddle Kids Dragonfly Tale


C Paddle Livery AL


C Paddle 8 Straight AL


C Paddle 8 Bent AL


C Paddle Bent Boost AL


C Paddle Wood Feather Brand

$17.99 - $20.99

C Paddle Cormorant


C Paddle Quetico Bent


C Paddle BeBr Beavertail


C Paddle Boundary Waters Bent


C Paddle BeBr Explorer Plus Str


C Paddle BeBr Cruiser Plus Bent


C Paddle BeBr Espresso Plus Bent


C Paddle BeBr Viper Double Bend


C Paddle BeBr Sunburst Straight


C Paddle BeBr Sunburst Bent


C Paddle Tour Lite Elbow CX


C Paddle Pink CX

$150.00 $155.00

C Paddle Black Lite Straight CX

$159.00 $189.95

C Paddle Black Lite Elbow CX


C Paddle Pro Lite Elbow CX


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