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This product is the hardener portion of the MAS Low Viscosity 2:1 resin System.

Since these products do not blush, you can continue laminating before the product has completely cured instead of waiting to wash and sand between coats. This means you can re-coat the same day and save at least twice the time.  It can be applied to wood, metal, fiberglass, foam and other composite materials.

Choose between 3 speeds of hardener. All hardener speeds can be paired with the resin and mixed 2:1.  You can also mix the MAS hardeners for custom viscosity and gel time.

  • Fast hardener gives you laminating power without the wait. Re-coat with LV Resin and Fast hardener in around 2 hours with average temperatures. 
  • Medium hardener gives you about 3 hours of working time with average temperatures.
  • Slow hardener is easier to work with in high temperatures and for beginners. It gives you 4 hours of working time with average temperatures.

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