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ABS plastic canoe end caps for finishing off the ends of gunwales.  These will work on a variety of makes and models.

To decide on what end cap to get;
1) Notice in the pictures how rounded the noses are.  Eye that up to your canoe and keep it in mind when comparing and measuring.
2) Measure from the end of the canoe where the rounded nose of the end cap towards the center of the canoe until you get to the first size listed.  This is the end cap length.
2) At that location, measure perpendicular from the outer edge of one gunwale to the outer edge of the opposite gunwale.  This is the end cap width.
There is some flexibility in the end caps.  So the measurement should be as close as you can get but do not need to be exact.

Northstar - 5.375x4.625
Wenonah Type 1 - 7.125x3.875
Wenonah Type 2 - 6.25x3.625
Wenonah Type 3 - 7.625x5.375
Wenonah Southfork - 8.25x6.375
Wenonah Cascade - 9x8.125
Old Town Fishing Small A -Tripper 17/XL, Camper
Old Town New Small A -Discovery 169
Old Town Sport A - Discovery 133, Osprey140, Appalachian
Old Town Sport B - Discovery Sport 15, Discovery 119 Sportsman, Guide 147/160, Saranac 146/160
Old Town New B - Discovery 119, Discovery 158, Next
Old Town CharlesRiver Trimmed
Old Town Penobscot Aluminum Rail

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