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Hardware Kit - Full Install Canoe

Hull Thickness:

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NOTE - We do not normally ship Over Sized Items like canoes, kayaks, hard SUP boards and full length gunwales.  The only option to purchase these items on-line is for in-store pickup.  We can ship inflatable boards.  If you have questions about shipping over sized items please call us at 320-558-8123 or send email to

You can't beat top quality Stainless hardware when installing new gunwales and canoe components. Give your canoe a facelift!

Why hassle with used stripped out Phillips screws?  Try these Square Drive screws for optimal control.


Hardware kit includes the following;

  80 - #8 x 1¼" gunwales screws for composite hull or 1½" Gunwale Screws for wood or Royalex hull
    8 - #8 x 2" Deck Screws
    2 - #8 x 2½" Deck Screws
    2 - #8 x 3" Deck Screws
    8 - 10-24 x 6" Seat Bolts
    8 - 10-24 x 2" Yoke/Thwart Bolts
   16 - 10-24 Nylock Nuts

   16 - #10 Flat Washers

   16 - #10 Finish Cup Washers

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