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Apply tough Kevlar felts with a two-part resin system formulated to withstand abrasion and impact. Skid plates, some paddlers refer to them as bang plates, extend the life of your canoe.

Kit includes two die-cut Kevlar felts, resin/hardener system, disposable gloves, sandpaper and instructions. We individually package the resin/hardener so there's no race against the clock to get the second skid on before the resin hardens. Dry, the elongated tear drop felts measure 38 x 5 inches. Wetted out they will cover 42-inches tip to tail.

This size skid plate is most often used on Tandem canoes of all sizes but you could also use it on a solo canoe if you want more protection.  Our Tandem/Universal skid plates adhere to any hull material: wood strip fiberglass, Kevlar, Royalex even Polyethylene. Illustrated NWC instructions guide you through the process so you can make a professional looking job of it.

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