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Whopper Plopper 130 River2Sea


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The Whopper Plopper is the culmination of my years of fine tuning. Every single one comes out of the box with the perfect molded tail size and angle to make a sound that simply drives fish crazy. Plus, its tail is made of super tough plastic that flexes right back into place whether it gets chomped on or gets cast into a bridge piling.  The rest of the components are Xtra Strong including hook hangers, wires, and treble hooks to battle bigger foes.

The Whopper Plopper 75/90/110/130 are the little brothers to the larger 190 version, but don’t let its little package fool you, this bait has a serious little man’s complex.  While the biggest brother relys on powerful chops of their tail to attract strikes, the smaller versions rely more on quickness, with a unique sound more reminiscent of a buzz saw, and tailor made for top water fishing in high pressure situations and when the forage base is smaller.

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