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These sandwiches are prepared fresh each morning from Nelson Brother's Bakery & will be ready for you on the day of your trip. It is best if you bring a small cooler along so you can enjoy your lunch on one of the many islands, sandbars, or secluded shorelines on the river. 

$11.95, includes chips & drink which you will pick out at our store. 

Gourmet Sandwich Lunch Order Form

Thanks for placing your order!

Your sandwich(es) will be ready for you on the day of your trip & you will be able to select your choice of chips & drink at our store.
It is best if you bring a cooler along, however we do a limited supply available for day use at our store.

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MN's Premier
Mississippi River Outfitter
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Monday:  By appointment
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Wednesday:  By appointment
Thursday:  10am-6pm
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Saturday:  10am-5pm
Sunday:  By appointment
We are at the store most days and flexible with appointments.  Please give us a call!